Governance and ethics –

What is your “Organisational Code of Conduct”? – Be constantly aware of the implications your organisational culture have on your “footprint”.

The DNA of your organisation is about –

  • Core values
  • Employment practice
  • Health – Safety – Environment
  • Social responsibility
  • Protection of people; human rights, security
  • Protection of assets and information
  • Behaviour at work
  • Privacy – Personal information
  • Anti-corruption
  • Laws – Control – Conflict of interest
  • Reporting concerns
  • Communication
  • Social Media

    Reputation – Your “footprint”

    Every day you form the DNA of your organisation. Your reputation mirrors the spirit of your corporate body - keep it fit all time - cultivate truthfulness, fairness, integrity, generosity and kindness - it is the only way to prosper genuinely and leave an admirable footprint.

    Jostein Strømmen
    Founder and owner